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24 Hours of ManBearPig

Article by James Delingpole.

Today is ManBearPig day. World renowned carbon trader and masseuse enthusiast Al Gore will be kicking off the celebrations by showing wall-to-wall eco-porn videos of weather doing scary things; stock markets across Europe will be collapsing in sympathy with the Prince of Wales’s recent claims that economic growth is unhealthy and we must all live more “sustainably” (ie in abject poverty); and here on this blog we plan to commemorate this glorious event with fun, games and some of our favourite South Park, Futurama and Eco-loon propaganda videos.

Altogether now: “GLOBAL WARMING! WE DIDN’T LISTEN!!!!”

Here is a Futurama:

Here’s an incredibly lame one from Futurama which pretends to be funny but is actually just PR for a complicit Al Gore:

Here’s the CEI’s take on ManBearPig day:

Here’s some high gloss toss from the trustafarian Luddites at Plane Stupid:

Here’s the WWF with its characteristic charm and lightness of touch, making light of 9/11

Here’s the South Park episode that introduced the world to ManBearPig

Here’s where you can download a transcript of the police interview with the victim of Gore’s alleged wandering hands when he booked a massage in Portland, Oregon. Not for the weak of stomach it includes the phrase “sex-crazed poodle.”

Here’s the funny video put together by Franny, Eugenie and all their lovely friends including cuddly Richard “Vicar of Dibley” Curtis, that fit actress out of X Files, Radiohead and some famous footballers, in which they hilariously suggest that people who don’t believe in Man Made Global Warming should be executed.

Here’s Greenpeace grooming tomorrow’s eco-fascists:

And here, just to lighten the tone a bit after all that worthy misery, is a fun new game from CFACT in which you fire corks at cows bottoms to prevent them releasing deadly greenhouse gas methane into the atmosphere….. I’ve tried it. It’s fun, with something of the brainless, addictive quality of Angry Birds or Hungry Shark, only with Farting Cows instead.